Sunday, 18 June 2017

Kodiak Bear

Based on a recent development, namely the first time ban in Armored Warfare for yours truly, I have decided to rethink my whole playing strategy going forward.

First, my biggest mistake was using assets armed with highly inaccurate auto-cannons in PvE Hard mode. After reviewing all of my videos and replays, I have discovered I have dealt out a lot more "friendly fire" than I realized. Not one of them was an intentional, aimed shot, but the after effect of a ally moving to a position directly in front of me, ruining my bead on the target, coupled with a slow reaction time and taking that damage instead.

Going forward, I will only use single shot equipped vehicles in PvE Hard, which have a more accurate aim and offer a better control on holding the shot back if a friendly decides to relocate directly into my view.

Second, if an event or mission doesn't line up with my agenda, I am just not going to do them anymore. Despite the potential of interesting and mysterious prizes, my progress is getting sidetracked with vehicles I am not interested in playing at this time, nor want to get just to complete the tasks for an unknown reward.

My previously mapped progress offers up a real and tangible goal, who knows what I could have wound up getting if I continued to participate in other ventures.

Now that I have laid down my ground rules, it's time to get back on track with the T-90A....

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