Sunday, 14 January 2018

Re-vetting a Veteran

Offer is long since expired, used for illustration purposes only.

I have decided in order to rediscover Armored Warfare, after being away for so long, I should retrace some of my early steps in the game. In doing so, I will be taking a look at the early vehicles I acquired that helped get me initially hooked on the game, like the tier III T-62 Veteran.

I was decent with it before, I wonder how I will do with it now? 

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Free is the Best Price

As of right now, if you are new to Armored Warfare, a returning player or have been on the fence on trying it out, there are two codes in circulation that help sweeten the experience.

First, here's what you could get:

The JINGLESJAN2018 code delivers a tier III LAV-150 90 Merc Edition Wheeled Tank Destroyer (or 925 Gold if already owned), 3 gold crates and 3 days of premium time.

The DEZGAMEZJAN2018 code will park a tier II T92 ACAV Light Tank (or 650 Gold as compensation) in your garage, 3 gold crates and 3 days of premium time.

Not bad for free? 

To make an account for the North America region, go here and click on Register

In the European Union? No problem, go here and do the same thing!

After you complete that process, or if you are just wanting to cash in the codes, go here for NA, there for EU (works for existing players too!).

This is what you should get (as long as both codes remain active and valid)....

Friday, 12 January 2018

Just Treading By

Although it's been months since I last played Armored Warfare, I decided to try the game again and roll cameras during that first battle.

Depending on the reception of this video, I may or may not do more in the future.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Russian Return

It has been well over a month since my last entry here, just as long as I last played a round of Armored Warfare. With other projects going on in real life, I haven't tried too hard to find any time to roll out on the virtual battlefield, let alone spend any serious time on my computer.

However, I decided to try out a round, since there have been a least two updates from when I queued up for a battle last and was curious to see if there were any major changes to the gameplay or how the human and artificial assets interacted with each other.

Selecting my tier VIII T-90A, I jumped into queue and Operation Hydra loaded....

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The Baited Wolf

Despite having the highest tiered premium vehicle in Armored Warfare, I don't use it very often.

One of the reasons being is that I doesn't suit my preferred playstyle, namely the heavily armored, tracked type. The only wheeled tank destroyer that I do like to use more is the tier VIII AMX-10 RCR, mostly due to it's "skid steer" capability, turning without moving. I still have to remind myself with the other vehicles in this class and configuration, every time I want to turn in a new direction, I have to be motion first.

Sadly, the premium tier IX Centauro 120 Wolf Edition falls into the later category, then to make using it that much more difficult, a clip system was introduced for the main cannon. Although I read about this change somewhere, awhile back, I totally forgot about why I was experiencing glacial load/reload times, until this particular battle was well under way....

Monday, 14 August 2017

Crossing the Creeks into Chaos

Like a few other games out there, Armored Warfare gives enough information for a player to "game the queue." From the screen above, a person can clearly see which tiers have the most active players waiting to join a match, throw in some educated guess work and lining up which selected tiers for a particular game mode level should come pretty close to what is actually going on.

Quite a few opportunistic players are able to use this information in an attempt to collect a higher advantage going into their next battle, such as leaving the queue, picking a better vehicle for a more populated tier and rejoining the wait to get in.

Although this system has been removed from the PvP portion of some games (for obvious reasons discussed above), it still exists in PvE mode, since the artificial enemies are adjusted to meet the highest tiered vehicle of the five person team entering the fray.

I "game the queue" to a certain degree, not so much to get the best tier possible, but I use the countdown timer as a "jumping off point" before the map I wanted to fight on is rotated out. Most times, I leave myself a ten to fifteen second window before the time expires to leave the queue, go back a window and see if the next map coming up is one I would like to battle it out on, or avoid like the plague.

This time, it was well worth the wait....

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Cool Confrontations

In light of a limited time reputation bonus in Armored Warfare, I thought I would try to catch up on some overdue progress for my tier VIII T-90A. Another nice touch was seeing Spearhead, a map I haven't been on in quite a while, coming up in queue.

Little did I know things would be slightly different from the last time I ventured into this particular environment....