Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Out of it's Element

Now that would be a real T-72 ICE!

Today marks another update in Armored Warfare, but an incremental one. Read those details here. Coming in around 500ish megabytes, it will take a while for those on a slower connection. For me, about a half an hour (unusual morning slowdown on my end). Installation went fairly quickly, a noticeable difference over the last update of this type.

And with any other update day I have experienced, some folks are a little slow to download the latest version (school, work, aliens, etc). So I wasn't to overly surprised to find the upper tiers were lacking any serious population, but the mid tiers were most definitely occupied.

Why not try out the new changes with the sturdiest mid-tier premium I have?

Monday, 26 June 2017

Broken Scythe

I am not usually the negative type, but I do believe I have just experienced a culmination of everything currently wrong with Armored Warfare, in one battle.

Since dismissed Obsidian Entertainment and released their revised vision of the game through the subsequent updates and patches, the game has certainly changed. And for some, not necessarily for the better.

Granted, they have added a few new vehicles, switched up the dealer lines a little and produced a few new maps, which can freshen up the situation a touch. But, the tradeoff has been some major changes that some see as being completely unwanted. I am starting to agree.

Take the Terminator Reaper, for example. First released as a tier VI premium Armored Fighting Vehicle, now it's a tier VIII Tank Destroyer. Those who saw the value of buying it then are enjoying it now. Well, some are.

The Terminator Reaper is suffering from the massive overhaul performed on the ballistic values affecting it's auto-cannon, among other things. Posters on the forums claim this and more was needed to "balance" this over-powered vehicle. I don't agree and I am not about to list of my reasons to counter their statements.

Instead, I will just post this video, letting this experience explain it all, to those who know what to look for....

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Progress Punisher

I still have a long ways to go before I reach my original goal of parking a T-90MS in my Armored Warfare garage.

Part of the reason for this is I have been attempting to play it out in PvE mode, which nets much lower returns from battles. I have queued up for PvP sorties recently, which turned into nothing more than a very long wait for nothing, except for the timer surpassing previous benchmarks of idledom.

While others make their claims that PvE is "easy mode," sometimes I agree, other times, they have no idea what they are talking about. This battle, despite being on Medium, was starting to feel a little too close for comfort, with the artificial opponents making exceptional use of their pinpoint, nearly never miss aim. I have played on and created videos from my adventures on Hard, where the bot hordes over power us poor human players by their sheer numbers, concentrated firepower and variable skill levels.

I have seen, over and over, the case the true game lies with PvP, only human on human combat matters, period. Other than much higher rewards dueling enemy humans on a win, I am not about to argue against their opinions on which mode is better. However, more out of circumstance than design, I do know which one has the most players and the shortest wait time when I load up for a battle.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Antique Assault

Before World of Tanks, few people had even heard of the Soviet IS-7, save for avid tank enthusiasts and/or armored vehicle historians (both professional and amateur).

Despite the fact that the real, lone surviving IS-7 is on permanent display in the Kubinka Tank Museum, thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people around the world have owned and used the virtual version. To give due credit, World of Tanks has brought a lot of obscure and mostly forgotten vehicles into the spotlight of modern awareness.

When I played World of Tanks in the past, I would occasionally use my own IS-7 on the rendered battlefields, with mixed results in outcomes and rewards. However, I have long since moved on from that title, without regrets (I do miss some of the vehicles I have left behind).

When word came down last year about the IS-7 finally making it's debut in Armored Warfare, I was thrilled. Even though it is fairly low on the tier scale compared to World of Tanks (a top Heavy Tank at tier X, compared to a Main Battle Tank of tier III), a lot of the qualities I had gotten used to seemed to be transferred to Armored Warfare. 

Both versions have a main cannon that delivers a wicked punch, if it hits the intended target. Tough armor to challenge an opponent to aim for just the right spots. The list can go on....

For this battle, I am trying it out in a new role as a Desert Cruiser....

Thursday, 22 June 2017

The Lows and Highs

It would seem the latest event in Armored Warfare, the Storyline Campaign, has revealed some sobering numbers. Just over 500 players completed all three main objectives of the main event, 151 completed the Desert Rush bonus objective. Read more about that and the thoughts/opinions from the NA/EU playerbase here.

Far from being a definitive "State of the Game" sign, it does show a grim sample size from the current situation surrounding the health and well being of Armored Warfare. Although the 151 player count for Desert Rush won't change, the 500+ player count for the main event could go up, slightly, before it's all said and done.

Why such the low numbers? This could very well be a gauge of the amount of new/retaining interest the game has, fallout from the controversial changes to the design team and the content found in the last batch of updates. Also, due to the restrictions, namely the specific vehicles to be used, in conjunction with the with the limited gamemodes where those activities would be considered valid, many just didn't even bother.

Now, there is another bonus objective and it makes playing a lot more worthwhile, in my opinion. The restrictions have been relaxed greatly and appears to be fairly easy to manage, if one has the time to do them. Read more, including how to access the counter on the profile here.

And good things (depending on your perspective) keep on rolling in.

For a limited time, the tier VII premium Object 187 Soviet/Russian Main Battle Tank is part of an offer, check that out here.

As tempting as it looks on paper from me, I think I will hold out for a sale, or all the currently unavailable tier VII premiums to make an appearance )hopefully, both). In the meantime, let's roll out the Challenger 1 Wolf and see how it fares since the latest hotfix patches....

Monday, 19 June 2017

The Chief has been compromised!

Without taking a serious look at my ingame statistics, I would confidently guess the premium tier V Chieftain Mk. VI Leader is my most played vehicle in Armored Warfare. Without a long and lengthy rehash of the whole history of how I got one and some of my adventures with it along the way, I can safely say there is something terribly wrong with it now.

If a person were to search the forums for comments on the Chieftain line, one would come across a lot of negative posts and responses. Right up until today, I would have just quietly laughed to myself and played on, collecting decent credit and reputation returns for it's tier. However, I am starting to see what they were talking about and sadly, have to agree with their previous and current findings.

This is the Chieftain, pretty much unchanged from when I first got it, right up until Update 0.19....

I first noticed the changes here....


Now, it has become this....

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Kodiak Bear

Based on a recent development, namely the first time ban in Armored Warfare for yours truly, I have decided to rethink my whole playing strategy going forward.

First, my biggest mistake was using assets armed with highly inaccurate auto-cannons in PvE Hard mode. After reviewing all of my videos and replays, I have discovered I have dealt out a lot more "friendly fire" than I realized. Not one of them was an intentional, aimed shot, but the after effect of a ally moving to a position directly in front of me, ruining my bead on the target, coupled with a slow reaction time and taking that damage instead.

Going forward, I will only use single shot equipped vehicles in PvE Hard, which have a more accurate aim and offer a better control on holding the shot back if a friendly decides to relocate directly into my view.

Second, if an event or mission doesn't line up with my agenda, I am just not going to do them anymore. Despite the potential of interesting and mysterious prizes, my progress is getting sidetracked with vehicles I am not interested in playing at this time, nor want to get just to complete the tasks for an unknown reward.

My previously mapped progress offers up a real and tangible goal, who knows what I could have wound up getting if I continued to participate in other ventures.

Now that I have laid down my ground rules, it's time to get back on track with the T-90A....